In order to apply for Financial Aid Suspension Appeal and/or Scholarship Appeal, please complete this online application. Your information will be sent to MSSU's Financial Aid Office. If you are appealing both financial aid and a scholarship, you will need to complete an appeal for each. Be sure to complete ALL applicable fields and hit the FINISH button at the bottom of this form.

Please allow 10 business days for processing of this appeal. If your fees are due during that time, please make the necessary payment arrangements or pay by an alternate method to avoid being dropped.

All Scholarship Appeal Committee decisions are final.

*Type of Appeal:
*Last Name:
*First Name:
*Zip Code:
*Major / Master:
*Anticipated Graduation Date:
Did you work during the school year:
Have you taken any courses at another school since your last enrollment at MSSU:
*Why are you pursuing this degree?
*Please clearly state how circumstances beyond your control kept you from meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid:
*Identify changes in your circumstances that will allow you to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress in future terms. Explain what you plan to do academically to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress:

YOU MUST SUBMIT DOCUMENTATION IF APPLICABLE supporting the above explanation. You may fax, mail, or bring in any medical, legal, or extenuating circumstances documentation that supports the above explanation.

A review of your Financial Aid history, academic transcript, and this Financial Aid Suspension Appeal will be used to determine the outcome of your appeal.

I confirm this information is true and accurate. I understand that if any of this information is falsified, the appeal decision will be denied. If the appeal is denied, I remain responsible for all financial obligations to the University.

If you have any questions about Financial Aid suspension appeals, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at:

PHONE: 417.625.9325
FAX: 417.659.4474
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