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Freshman Southern Welcome Orientation Reservation Form
Missouri Southern State University has planned an Orientation and Enrollment program designed to provide you with information about our university and academic programs. This will be your opportunity to enroll for the 2017 Summer and Fall Semesters.
If you have been accepted to Missouri Southern State University and have received your acceptance letter, complete this form to make your reservation to attend one of our upcoming Southern Welcome Orientations. Call the First-Year Experience office at 417-625-9731 if you have any questions.

Student Identification Number (your S-ID# was included in your Acceptance Letter and it starts with an "S") 
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Preferred E-Mail: (An email confirmation will be sent to this email address) 
Please select which term(s) you are registering for.

Major: (Listed alphabetically, if 'None' is chosen you will be considered 'Undeclared' )
Number of family/guests you will be bringing with you to Southern Welcome:  
Did you earn college credit either by Dual Credit, AP Examination or IB Examination while you were in High School?
Will you take ALL your classes on-line?
Please Select a Southern Welcome Date to Attend:
Please check the following boxes that apply to you:
Scholarship Recipient

Freshman: It is your responsibility to request an official transcript be sent from the university/college where credit was earned.