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Housing Contract for Summer Semester-2014

Please accurately complete housing information and read terms and conditions.

NOTE:The $150.00 security deposit required with this application will be held as security for the complete performance of the contract by applicant during his/her occupancy of assigned space, and either retained or refunded as hereinafter provided. Twenty-five dollars ($25) will be withheld from all refundable deposits for cleaning and maintenance:

  1. Use PayPal to make your prepaid deposit. After your deposit transaction is completed PayPal will give you a confirmation number which you can then use on this application.
  2. Pay by Phone: call the Residence Life Office at (417-625-9522) and pay using a Credit Card. The Residence Life Office will then provide you with a confirmation number to use on this application. If deposit has been paid call our office to receive your Pre-Deposit Confirmation Number.
  3. If you wish to purchase Lion Bucks in addition to your meal plan, please contact the One Card Office (417-659-5463).

Pre-Deposit Confirmation Number:
Student ID#
First Name:
Last Name:
Phone Number:

I will accept an accommodation in the university residence hall for the summer session and agree to pay as follows: $1,025.00 (includes lunch and dinner Mon. – Thurs.) Payment of residence hall charges meet the same due dates of all student fees. Please ensure your total charges will be paid in full by the due date, covered by financial aid, or by enrollment in the Tuition Management payment plan. Failure to meet these requirements will result in cancellation of your room.

Cancellation – Refund Provisions: I agree that this contract begins the Sunday before the first day of classes for the summer term and ends after my last final examination. Contract will be cancelled without penalty if a student is not admitted and all payments will be refunded (student will be charged for time resided if they moved into the residence halls). If a student is not able to enroll, he/she should notify the Residence Life Office to cancel this contract. If the cancellation occurs prior to the first day of classes, the security deposit and payments will be refunded.

By checking here I have read and understand the terms and conditions listed above.
This form is not complete until payment is received. Click 'Finish' to submit.