Request for Credentials
  • Students and Alumni will never be able to read closed reference letters - even after you’ve found a job, or want to deactivate your file.
  • Staff members in Career Services are not permitted to read your references in order to make any comment to you in regards to the content of the reference. If you wish to exclude any references on file please notify Career Services.
  • Your credential file (this includes your references) and all contents (with the exception of your resume and cover letter) will remain the permanent property of Career Service at MSSU. Your file may be destroyed at your request or if there is no activity with your file for 5 years or more. Contents of your file cannot be returned to you.
  • Transcripts must be requested from the Registrar’s Office. If you would like your transcript to be sent to an employer or graduate school with your credential file, you must supply the transcript on file. We cannot request your transcripts from the Registrar’s Office. Please ask if you are unsure of the contents of your file.

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Transcripts *The most recent copy provided will be sent, if requesting after graduation please be sure you have provided the Career Services Office a copy of your final transcript. We cannot request this for you.

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