MSSU Staff Senate

Southern Service Champ Award

Do you know a staff member who is deserving of recognition for going above and beyond what is expected? For going that extra mile on a special assignment or daily task? Displaying work ethic and attitude that makes them stand out?

The Staff Senate seeks to bring recognition to these outstanding staff members through the Southern Service Champ Award. Each award quarter, three outstanding staff members will be selected for this honor. Each recipient will get $100 gift and be recognized on the Staff Senate website.

Please tell us about your outstanding staff member or coworker and why you feel they deserve this award. Criteria for the award must meet at least one of the five pads of the lion paw: Respect to campus community, Positive attitude, Pride in work, Exemplary dependability and Excellence in customer service.

A copy of the nomination will be sent to the staff member. You may submit nomination form online on Staff Senate website or hard copy nomination to Chris Owens in the Campus Card Service Center.

Thank you.

Eligibility requirements are at least 1 year continuous employment at 50% FTE as a university staff member.

Nominating or campaigning for self will result in immediate removal of consideration. Nominations cannot be retracted once submitted. Individuals can only win award once every two years.

Staff Nominee’s Name:
Department/Campus Address of Nominee:
Name of nominator:
Please describe in detail how the above named candidate reflects one or more of the pads of the lion paw.
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