Registered Student Organization (RSO) Application
This form is good for one academic year. Organizations must submit a renewal application annually.
All pages are due at time of submission, no exceptions.

New Application for academic year: 
Renewal Application for academic year: 
Official Organization Name: 
Official MSSU Organization S#: 
Organization Purpose: 
Nature of Activities: 
Annual Organization Budget (estimate): 
Dues and Fees:
Other Funding Sources: 
Advisor's Name & Title / Department*: 
Advisor Email Address: 
Advisor Phone Number: 
Office Number: 
Regular Meeting Day, Time, & Location: 


In signing and submitting this application, the leadership of said organization warrants that:
  1. The organization’s purpose and activities are lawful and consistent with university objectives.
  2. Membership is open to all regardless of race, creed, color or national origin and does not illegally discriminate in membership on the basis of sex.
  3. The organization will comply with the university’s policy in hazing practices.
  4. The organization is made subject to all policies and regulations governing student organizations as established by Missouri Southern State University.
  5. The financial affairs of the organization will be conducted in accordance with sound business procedures and appropriate university requirements.
  6. The organization will recruit and actively work with a faculty/staff advisor.
  7. The student gives Missouri Southern State University Student Activities Office permission to release contact information to other registered student organizations, MSSU departments, offices and affiliated programs and to other individuals seeking information about the RSO.

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Registered Student Organization (RSO) Officer Roster
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Advisor's/Student Leader Agreement
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