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An advisor of a recognized student organization at Missouri Southern State University is an individual who assumes responsibility to provide advice and guidance to the organization in accordance with University policies and in consideration of the general welfare of the organization’s members. The advisor plays a key role in assisting an organization in setting its goals, evaluating its operations and procedures and provides continuity to the group. According to the expectations of Missouri Southern State University, as stated below,
I (Advisor's Name)
agree to serve as the University advisor of (Organization Name)
Expectations of the Advisor:
  1. Be fully aware of the purpose and activities of the group through regular attendance at group meetings and individual consolation with the organization leaders.
  2. The advisor is not formally deemed to be personally responsible for acts of the organization by reason of his/her service as an advisor, but at the same time, service as an advisor includes the assumption of responsibilities to the University to provide advice and guidance in accordance with University policies and to provide the organization mature advice that will further the general welfare of its members.
  3. Act as a reference for general information regarding Missouri Southern State University policies and procedures.
  4. Provide information relevant to the group’s needs, interests, activities and organization.
  5. Assist in the financial matters of the group
  6. Act as a reference person in terms of the organization’s history.
  7. Provide advice and guidance in the planning and implementation of the organization’s activities.
  8. Ensure that the group files all required papers each fall term to the Student Activities Office (Constitution, Member list, By Laws, etc.).
  9. Encourage student and organization participation in the Campus Activities Board and other University events.
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