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Career Interests Inventory
The following questions are designed to help you and the and the ETS staff determine areas
of study that may be of interest to you in the future. Read the activities below.

*Student Full Name:  
This information is REQUIRED as part of your application to the ETS program.
If you would enjoy it, check the box, if not leave it unchecked.

Fix a car – Y
Use a microscope – O
Give a party – R
Run for office – P
Follow a recipe – B
Sing on stage – G
Use power tools – Y
Dissect a frog – O
Work for charity – R
Start a trend – P

Organize things –B
Take pictures – G
Care for animals – Y
Study planets – O
Join a club – R
Debate an issue – P
Organize a notebook – B
Visit an art gallery – G
Play with gadgets – Y
Read medical articles – O

Make people laugh – R
Campaign for a candidate – P
Make your room neat – B
Write stories – G
Go fishing – Y
Visit a science museum – O
Help a religious group – R
Persuade others – P
Fill in charts – B
Play an instruments – G

Repair a lawn mower – Y
Solve puzzles – O
Give directions – R
Visit congress –P
Take phone messages –B
Create a sculpture – G
Camp out –Y
Environmental research – O
Meet new people – R
Sell things – P

Be on time – B
Read poetry – G
Do metalwork – Y
Do botany experiments – O
Analyze problems – O
Give first aid – R
Read business magazines – P
Record club minutes – B
Direct actors – G
Plant a garden – Y

Study human anatomy – O
Care for sick people – R
Be a team captain – P
Look up information – B
Design clothes – G
Cook a barbeque – Y
Play chess – O
Discuss feelings – R
Trade things – P
Categorize things – B

Illustrate a book - G
Build a tool shed – Y
Study other cultures – O
Interview people – R
Lead a group – P
Keep a diary – B
Make videos – G
Refinish furniture – Y
Collect minerals – O
Lead a tour – R

Start a club – P
Straighten out a closet – B
Write a movie – G
Drive a bulldozer – Y
Write a lab report – O
Be a camp counselor – R
Meet executives – P
Make reservations – B
Compose music – G
Hook up a stereo – Y

Read science fiction – O
Help the handicapped – R
Save money – P
Proofread a document – B
Be different – G
Paint a room - Y

Office use only  Y - _____   O - _____   R - _____   P -_____   B -_____   G - _____

Study Skills Inventory

The following questions are deigned to help the ETS staff find out how you learn,
how you study, and how you feel about learning and studying.

Time Management & Study Habits
*I arrive to school and my classes on time.
*I schedule study time and set goals for my study time.
*I begin my assignments well in advance of the due date.
*I study in a place fee from noise and other distractions.
Concentration & Study Habits
*I am able to concentrate on a task for at least 20 minutes.
*I easily remember things that I have studied.
Note Taking
*I understand what my instructor is teaching while taking notes
*I organize my notes and class materials in a meaningful way.
*I review my notes and class handouts regularly.
Test Taking
*I try to find out what materials will be covered on tests.
*I feel confident when taking a test that I am prepared.
*I try to imagine possible test questions when studying.
*I remain calm and am able to remember information I have studied during a test.
*When reading, I am able to tell the difference between material that is important
and material that is unimportant.
*I am satisfied with my reading ability.
Classroom Preparedness
*I try to find the best way to get any job done.
*I sit near the front of the classroom if possible.
*I am alert during class.
*I ask my teacher questions when I don’t understand something.
*I participate in classroom discussions with my teacher and classmates.