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Request for Registration/ Enrollment

Registration Process

Advising Services (ACTS) is here to assist you in your registration process.

• If you are a continuing student from last semester, you can continue with this form to submit your request for registration in classes.

• If you are former MSSU student (i.e. Have sat out at least one semester or more), you will have to reapply to be readmitted (there is no fee for returning students). Once the readmission process is complete, you may complete this form to request to register for classes.

• If you are new (freshman or transfer student) to MSSU you must be admitted through our Admissions Office. Once the admission process is complete, you may complete this form to request to register for classes.

NOTE: Priority registration is set for currently enrolled MSSU students the first two weeks of November (for spring semester) and April (for fall semester); open registration follows.

Please complete this form in its entirety. For available classes, university course catalogs, and additional departmental information, please visit Classes and Catalogs.

For additional information, please contact Advising Services (ACTS) 417-625-9324 or email us at acts@mssu.edu.

Indicate which semester you wish to enroll in above i.e. Spring; Summer; or Fall.
Personal Information
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*Do you have a faculty advisor?
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Courses Requested
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Important Information:

Registering for a course can have academic consequences which affect course sequencing and degree completion.

• You may also need to take into consideration pre-requisites or co-requisites for your program.

• Completion of this request form is not enrollment. It is a request for enrollment. Actual registration in these courses will be dependent upon class availability and registration eligibility.

• Transcript information for courses taken anywhere other than MSSU must be on file to allow registration in any courses with pre-requisites.

• Please check the course description for this information prior to requesting registration.

Upon completion of registration by Advising Services (ACTS) an e-mail will be sent to you with confirmation. If you were not able to be registered in one or more of your requested courses, we will contact you to request alternate selections.

Your active registrations can be viewed in LioNet. Student Tab (top of menu) You will see Student Bill and Student Course Schedule on the right side of the page.

Important Payment Due Dates/ Fees and Accounts Students are responsible for their educational cost by the established deadlines.

Financial Aid For Federal and Institutional Aid information. Priority deadline for filing the Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is February 1 prior to the fall semester. Priority deadline for Institutional Scholarships is March 1 prior to the fall semester.


For Full Term Classes (Spring/Fall):

• Prior to end of second week of classes: 100%

• Third thru fourth weeks: Student responsible for 50% tuition and fees. 50% refund not applicable for special course or record fees.

• After fourth week: None - Student responsible for 100% tuition and fees.