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Request for Note Taking Services
There are two sections to this application. The first section is an application for Note Taking Services and the second is an Agreement to Receive Services. The Agreement is located on the following page. Please fill out everything accurately and completely, required fields are marked with an *.

*First Name: 
*I am requesting note takers for the:
*Semester of YYYY (e.g. 2011): 
I want note takers in the following classes:
*1st - CRN #: 
*1st - Title (e.g. ENG 272): 
*1st - Class Days (e.g. MWF): 
*1st - Class Times (e.g. 1:00 - 1:50): 
*1st - Class Location (e.g. WH-210): 
Add 2nd class
Add 3rd class
Add 4th class
Add 5th class
Add 6th class
Read the following three statements and sign with you full name to acknowledge understanding:
I understand:
  1. Requests for note taking should be made as soon as possible. Requests made after the start of the semester may take up to three weeks to fill.
  2. Family members are not eligible for employment as note takers under the University's rules governing nepotism.
  3. I will be asked to sign an Agreement for Note Taking Services for each semester that I use note taking services.
*Sign with your full name: 

The preceding form, Request for Note Taking Services, is available in alternative formats upon request. Contact Lori Musser, 417-625-9516.

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