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2014-2015 Online Housing Application

Please accurately complete housing information and read terms and conditions.

NOTE:A $150.00 refundable deposit is required with all Residence Hall applications and the online application process requires a prepaid deposit confirmation number to complete. If you are a returning student, please contact the Residence Life Office at 417-625-9522 for confirmation number. For first-time residents, there are two ways to obtain this confirmation number:

  1. Use PayPal to make your prepaid deposit. After your deposit transaction is completed PayPal will give you a confirmation number which you can then use on this application.
  2. Pay by Phone: call the Residence Life Office at 417-625-9522 and pay using a Credit Card. The Residence Life Office will then provide you with a confirmation number to use on this application.
  3. Please ensure that student has Meningococcal (Meningitis) vaccine record or waiver is on file with Willcoxon Health Center prior to moving into the residence halls. Willcoxon Health Center (call) 417-625-9323 (fax) 417-659-4376.
For other methods of payment and application please call the Residence Life Office (417-625-9522).

Deposit Confirmation Info
Pre-Deposit Confirmation Number:
Payment Method:
Personal Information
Semester of Application:
NOTICE: You must be admitted to the University and have an SID# before you can apply for housing.
SID# (S00000000):
Last Name:
First Name:
Middle Initial:
Street Address:
Postal Code:
Home Phone # :
Cell Phone # :
Date of Birth:
Health Information
List any chronic ailments,
disablilities, and/or
environmental or
medical allergies:
Emergency Contact Information: (Two required)
1st Contact Name:
1st Contact Phone:
2nd Contact Name:
2nd Contact Phone:
Room and Meal Options

Choose one of the following meal options and rank the living choices under that option from first (#1) to last (#4).
Prices are per semester. Read contract for meal details.

Traditional Room (2/room)




Apartment (4/room)




Suites (4/room)




Private Room (1/room)




Meal plan choice:
Traditional Room Preference:
Apartment Unit Preference:
East Hall Suites Preference:
Private Room Preference:
The following information will be given consideration when making room assignments:
Have you lived on campus before at MSSU?
Do you smoke?
Are you an organized person?
Do you listen to music
while studying?
Do you regularly go to
sleep before midnight?
Do you have a roommate
Year in college:
List interest/academic areas
(honors, athletics, music
etc.-be specific):

Terms of Contract

I. HOUSING ASSIGNMENT: Assignment of accommodation will be made by the University after the completed application contract, accompanied by the required deposit, is received by the Residence Life Office. If applicant fails to cancel application or to occupy assigned accommodations on or before the first day of classes, his or her space may be assigned to another applicant. However, the balance of room and board charges will be due and the entire deposit will be retained.

II. PERIOD OF ASSIGNMENT: All assignments are for the FALL AND SPRING SEMESTERS. Residents may cancel their contracts after the fall semester if they pay a $600.00 buyout fee prior to checking out and the deposit will be retained. The halls will be available between semesters and vacation periods at an additional charge to the resident. During such periods, meals will not be available. In the event applicant for any reason becomes enrolled in less than 8 hours at Missouri Southern, he/she shall promptly surrender possession of the assigned accommodation, will be charged for time resided and the deposit will be retained by the University.

III. SECURITY DEPOSIT: The $150.00 security deposit required with this application will be held as security for the complete performance of the contract by applicant during his/her occupancy of assigned space, and either retained or refunded as hereinafter provided. Twenty-five dollars ($25) will be withheld from all refundable deposits for cleaning and maintenance. If applicant cancels this application, regardless of when application was made, the deposit will be retained by the University. If applicant fails to occupy assigned accommodations on or before the first day of classes following the making of this application, the entire security deposit will be retained by the University, and room and board contract fees for the entire year will remain due.

A. Costs cover both room and board. The university reserves the right to increase charges at the beginning of any semester. PAYMENT OF RESIDENCE HALL CHARGES MEET THE SAME DUE DATES OF ALL STUDENT FEES. Please ensure your total charges will be paid in full by the due dates, covered by financial aid or by enrollment in the TuitionPay payment plan. Failure to meet these requirements will result in cancellation of your room and board and loss of deposit.
B. In the event applicant checks out of the University residence halls at any time prior to the end of the Fall or Spring semester, the $600 buyout will be added to the applicant’s account and the security deposit will be retained. If the applicant completely withdraws from Missouri Southern, charges will be for time resided and the deposit retained. The entire security deposit may be assessed and withheld for failure to comply with required check-out procedures when vacating assigned accommodations, for failure to properly clean room, or for damages.
C. If applicant or his parent or guardian defaults in any payment after the same is due, the right is reserved to terminate this application-contract, cancel the assigned accommodations, retain the deposit, and recover the balance owed. In such event applicant will be dropped from all classes and agrees to promptly and peaceably vacate such accommodations.

V. ROOM ASSIGNMENTS: Room assignments will be made by the Residence Life Office. Roommates will be assigned on the basis of the Residence Life staff’s best judgment (which will be final) based on the information contained in the application, including requests for specific roommates. The University reserves the right at any time to change room assignments and roommates.

VI. IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS: All resident students must be protected against the diseases of meningitis, measles, mumps and rubella (two doses). Proof of immunization should be on file in the Willcoxon Student Health Center. Students who have not been properly immunized may be banned from campus in the event of an outbreak.

VII. RULES AND REGULATIONS: A. All applicants shall comply with all rules and regulations of the University as set forth in the Student Handbook and of the hall of which they are assigned. B. Reasonable privacy will be granted to applicants in the occupancy of assigned accommodations, but the right is expressly reserved to enter any room at any time for reasons of health, safety, rules violations, misbehavior, or for necessary maintenance.

**Missouri Southern offers 3 options for meal plan and 4 choices for residence hall living. The 23-meal plan includes access to the dining hall for all 23 meals offered by Sodexo, the university contracted food provider plus $50 in Dining Dollars. The 15-meal plan includes access for any 15 meals offered per week plus $125 in Dining Dollars. The 10-meal plan includes access in any 10 meals per week plus $200 worth in Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars may be used in the Lion’s Den Food Court and University Java Coffee Shop. Meal plans can be changed the first two weeks of the fall or spring semester.

I have read and agree to this Missouri Southern State University Contract, and I understand my obligation
to abide by following University and Residence hall Rules and Regulations (Terms of Contract above).
Entering your signature validates your agreement with the terms of use with this contract.
Are you over 18?