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Freshmen Southern Welcome Orientation Reservation Form
Missouri Southern State University has planned a Freshman Orientation and Enrollment program designed to provide information about our college and academic programs. This is also the first opportunity to enroll for the Semester.

If you have been accepted to Missouri Southern State University and have received your Acceptance letter, complete this form or call the Southern Welcome office at 417-625-9731 to make your reservation to attend your Southern Welcome Freshman Orientation. Call the Southern Welcome office at 417-625-9731 if you have any questions.

Parent/Guest Session. Since we know that students have families who support them, we offer a concurrent Parent/Guest program. Please indicate on your form how many parents or guests will be accompanying you.

Student Identification Number (your S-ID# was included in your Acceptance Letter and it starts
with an "S", if you do not have this number please supply your SSN):
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Major: (Listed alphabetically, if 'None' is chosen you will be considered 'Undeclared' )
Southern Welcome Date
Will you take ALL your classes online?
Number of Guests:  
Did you earn English Composition for college credit either by Dual Credit, Credit-in-Escrow, AP Examination or IB Examination while you were in High School?
How many credits do you want to take?

Will you want to take evening classes? Most evening classes are once a week for about 3 hours

Do you want to take some online classes? Taking online classes requires strong personal self-motivation and access to reliable computer and internet resources.

Freshman: Be sure to request that your final high school transcript is sent to Missouri Southern. If you took Dual Credit classes and got College Credit, make sure you have the COLLEGE that gave you the College Credit send us the transcript showing the courses you took and the grade.